Soham Brigade

Duke of Edinburgh
Award Scheme

DofE Award Scheme

■ The Award! The officers and helpers of Soham Brigade run Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions and will do so roughly twice a year.

We actively offer all three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme - Bronze, Silver and Gold, where we work alongside the Sawston BB group.

 For information about The Award; Click HERE

 ■ 2016 D of E Expeditions  
 In Easter 2016 we hope to run a Silver Test Expedition for the Soham & Sawston group, as well as Gold Test expeditions in July 2016 for both groups.

Silver Test Expeditions: Southwold, Fri 8th - Sunday 10th April 2016
Gold Test Expeditions: Black Mountains, Sunday 3rd - Friday 8th July 2016
See letter at bottom of the page.

 ■ 2015 D of E Expeditions   
In July 2015 we hope to run a Silver trial Expedition for the Soham & Sawston group, as well as Gold trial expeditions in September 2015 for both groups.

Silver Trial Expeditions: Southwold, Saturday 20th - Monday 22nd June 2015
Gold Trial Expeditions: Lake District, Tuesday 1st - Saturday 5th September 2015

■ August 2013 D of E Expeditions   This will be the Silver Test Expedition for the Soham group as well as Bronze and Silver Trial expeditions for the SYG groups. This will be to the White Peaks (Derbyshire).
  More details on this will be made available on Saturday 23rd February. 

■ May 2013 D of E Expeditions   
Silver Trial expedition to The Chilterns (near Luton), for Soham.  SYG Seniors and Amicus will be coming to take part in 3 days of navigation training and expedition walking. All groups will have two nights under canvas.

 More details on this will be made available on Saturday 23rd February.  

■ February 2013 Intro to D of E and planning Expeditions   
Saturday 23rd February 2013
This day is a full day starting at 9.30 am at the Icknield School, Sawston where we plan to give an online demonstration, and presentation to members and parents about the D of E award, how the E-D of E system works, and how this affects you.   
We will also be using this day to plan for an up and coming expedition to the Chilterns as this will be a Silver Trial for the Soham group as well as a training expedition for both the SYG Seniors preparing for their Bronze award and the SYG Amicus preparing for their Silver award.  
 I would encourage all parents and children to attend, with the parents staying for the morning and the young people staying all day. We will provide lunch. More details of this day will follow nearer the time.   

April 2012 DEA Expeditions
 In April 2012 we are running Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition training, and trials, and a Bronze Test expedition in the Bury St Edmunds area.  

■ October 2011 DEA Expeditions 
In October 2011 we are running a Bronze award trial expedition weekend. This will take place in Thetford Forest.

■ April 2011 DEA Expeditions
In April 2011 we took a group of young people to the Yorkshire Dales, to do a trial expedition.